-City you were born in?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

-What is your morning beverage routine?

First thing, shot or two of espresso. Then move onto the cold press.

-Favorite thing about working at the co-op?

Working at the co-op is a huge honor. Not only do you get to feed your community, but you also have the unique opportunity to participate in an alternative economy. My whole life I have actively sought out alternatives to the norm, and the co-op is exactly that; the alternative to the giant, cookie cutter big-box stores that just seem to suck all the fun out of food and strive only to remove wealth and resources from the community. Every dollar spent at the co-op goes right back into the community and building a better co-op. I think it is a business philosophy that can change the world in so many ways, and I am very proud to be a part of it.

-Song you never get sick of?

Make You Feel That Way by Blackalicious

-Favorite bulk item?

Chocolate covered pretzels.

-Twin Bing, yay or nay?

Hard nay!

-Must have condiment?

Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce.

-Favorite activity in or around Sioux Falls?

Running/walking/biking on the bike trail.

-If you had a boat, what would you name it?

USS Saylor

-Favorite food?

Thai food

-For the rest of your life, would you rather be woken up every day by a bucket of ice cold water to your face, or go without Thai food?

Ice cold water to the face, no problem!

-What are your thoughts on Texas Instruments calculators?

There are an awful lot like vice grips, useful tool that you really don’t need, until you need it.

-Most offensive smell of all time?

Axe body spray!

-Who or what is your nemesis?

Titus, the fat squirrel that lives in my backyard!

-If you could read 1 persons mind, who would it be and in what context?

Snoop Dogg when were just hangin’.

-Most annoying thing on the planet?

Malignant, unbashful ignorance.