-City you were born in?

Luverne, Minnesota

-What is your morning beverage routine?

Coffea coffee brewed via pour over.

-Favorite thing about working at the co-op?

Interactive with regular customers and friends.

-Song you never get sick of?

Wildflowers by Tom Petty

-Favorite bulk item?

Raw walnuts, always so fresh! I love making chocolate chip walnut cookies.

-Twin Bing, yay or nay?


-Must have condiment?

Dijon mustard.

-Favorite activity in or around Sioux Falls?

Spending time at Good Earth State Park. I love that it is so close to Sioux Falls.

-If you had a boat, what would you name it?

Kimberly 2

-Favorite food?

Mediterranean style cuisine.

-For the rest of your life, would you rather be woken up every day by a bucket of ice cold water to your face, or go without Mediterranean food?

Cold water wake up, it may be refreshing and I might get used to it.

-What are your thoughts on Texas Instruments calculators?

They remind me of an early lesson about taking care of valuable items and classroom organization.

-Most offensive smell of all time?

Chlorella powder.

-Who are what is your nemesis?

The industrial agriculture system.

-If you could read 1 persons mind, who would it be and in what context?

Ursula Le Guin when she was writing.

-Most annoying thing on the planet?

People with an intolerant mind set who don’t question their privilege.