We are excited to announce future expansion plans for Your Co-op! We are in the very early stages of a new expansion project that will double our current size, allowing us to continue to meet the growing demand for local and organic foods in Sioux Falls! We would like to thank our owners, as well as Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities, for 45 years of love and support. We look forward to continuing and improving for years to come!


For more information, please take a look at our press statement below:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – The Co-op Natural Foods, Sioux Falls’ premier member-owned natural foods grocer has started preparing for a major expansion at the end of 2020. “The plan would double our square footage to 8,000 square feet at our current location,” said Co-op General Manager Patrick Sayler, “we opened this space in 2015 following the devastating fire at our Duluth Avenue store in 2014 and the community has been so supportive with sales increasing exponentially since re-opening the doors.”

“Our owners and the community want a greater product selection and without this much-needed space, we wouldn’t be able to continue to grow our selection,” said Alex Halbach, President of the Board of Directors. “The Board is committed to meeting those demands and is excited about the potential this expanded store will offer the community.”

The Co-op, in partnership with their landlord and neighboring business, Davis Independent OBGYN Care, recently entered into an agreement whereby the Co-op will take possession of the Davis Independent OBGYN Care space at the end of 2020. “The space is larger than my clinic needs,” said Dr. Davis, owner of Davis Independent Women’s Care. “I am excited that we were able to come up with a mutually beneficial agreement.” Davis will continue to provide care for its patients as usual and plans to move into a new space in 2021.

Details of the expansion are still in the early stages, but will include a heavy focus on fresh departments, prepared food and café seating inside the Co-op as well as a new outdoor patio space. This expansion will double the Co-op’s current footprint and will allow for more local grocery and produce options, additional office space and a much more functional receiving area. The Co-op has experienced exponential sales growth in their current location, and the deli has been a large part of that growth. After a fire destroyed their former location in 2014, the Co-op moved to its current space at 410 W. 18th Street near downtown Sioux Falls.

“We plan to hold a few owner focus group meetings in the coming months to gather feedback on the expanded store and to explain to our owners the financing for the project,” said Sayler. “Owner support is paramount in an expansion like this.”

The Co-op Natural Foods began as a buying club and was officially formed in 1973. Over its 45-year history, the Co-op has prided itself on being the Sioux Falls leader in local, fresh and organic foods. A co-op is a business model that allows a group of people to combine their resources to meet their common needs. Grocery co-ops are one such kind of co-op. They are the true pioneers of the natural and organic food industry and they’re deeply committed to providing delicious, high quality, healthy food; supporting local, sustainable agriculture; and strengthening their communities. Cooperatives, including grocery co-ops, are much more than bricks and mortar stores. Cooperatives are built on the idea that local owners, not far-away investors, gain the benefits of business success. Simply put, cooperation is for everyone.