Choose foods that make a positive impact.

Local foods are fresher and taste better. But their impact goes beyond delicious meals. When you buy local, you have a positive impact on the community and the environment. With the support of co-op owners and shoppers like you, food co-ops excel at bringing fresh food to more people while they support local farmers, suppliers and economies.

When you choose local, you

  • Know where your food comes from, and who is paid to grow, pack, ship and stock it.
  • Reduce the distance food needs to travel, ensuring that it’s fresher and retains nutrients.
  • Support a vibrant local economy, including local family farms and producers.
  • Grow the market for unique products made by people in your community.

Located south of Moorhead in the fertile Red River Valley of the North, Askegaard Organic Farm is a 6th generation family farm, committed to organic agriculture. We believe in locally grown food, small farms, healthy rural communities, trust, diversity, and sustainability.

For your health, and for the environment’s, we do not use any commercially produced fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds.

We carry organic ground golden flax

Plant based, gourmet food. Each item is crafted with clean, simple ingredients.

We carry a variety of items

Simply put, we care about what we eat. And we believe we’re to love our neighbor as ourselves. To us, that means caring about what you eat and doing our part to make sure quality food is available for those who want it. As growers of “food for people,” we believe that the final product is as important as the methods used to grow it. So while we favor organic methods, we also concern ourselves with increasing nutrient density of the various foods we produce.

We carry eggs as well as dry black and pinto beans in our bulk section

We use our natural age-old sourdough starter to make our bread the old-fashioned way. Everything is leavened naturally with our sourdough starter for up to 65 hours, which means that our doughs are mostly predigested before they enter the oven. This natural fermentation process both readies the nutrients in the flour and grain for easy digestion and adds great flavor to our breads!

We carry a variety of loaves

The Breaks is a locally-owned coffee roasting company & cafe based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that is committed to bringing freshly roasted high-quality Arabica coffee to our neighborhood and beyond. We aim to highlight every aspect of the coffee experience. From the artful science of roasting, to the craft of brewing and experience of tasting, we want to share with you this daily ritual of coffee, because…Damn, coffee is delicious.

We carry a variety of 12oz bags and serve The Breaks drip coffee in our kitchen

We are a family owned business located near Lake Norden, SD that began in 2015.  We currently care for 1,100 hives that spend their summers in South Dakota where the bees make a deliciously sweet honey.  We are focused on providing a pure honey that not only tastes good but is good for you too.  Our honey is not processed or heated to a temperature that removes the good pollen you find in pure honey. We bottle both Raw and Filtered honey in three different sizes.

We carry 1, 2, & 3lb bottles

We specialize in nutrient-dense, flavor-packed, and quick growing produce. We strive to sustain our gardens through responsible and respectful growing practices.

We carry seasonal scallions, cherry tomatoes, arugula, cilantro, lettuce mix & cucumbers. 

Cherrybean is a small batch coffee roasting company that is committed to roasting and delivering only the finest, freshest, fair trade organic arabica coffee beans. Our formula is simple: we source “green” Fair Trade Organic arabica beans from only the most reputable coffee importers. We roast these coffee beans in small batches to ensure that any beans with imperfections are sorted out. Finally, we package and ship our freshly roasted coffee immediately to you. The result is a cup of coffee bursting with flavor that only a freshly roasted coffee bean can deliver.

We carry a variety of 12oz bags and a variety of beans in our bulk section

We’re a group of coffee lovers residing in Sioux Falls, SD, who are dedicated to using our passion and craft to create unique and memorable experiences in the world of specialty coffee. We tend to come alive when we’re connecting with our community, serving up innovative drinks, and working with the dedicated producers who make what we do possible.

We carry a variety of 12oz bags and serve Coffea drip coffee in our kitchen

Small batch coffee roaster based in Brookings South Dakota. Great coffee, good manners. We specialize in high quality, carefully sourced, expertly roasted coffee delivered to you promptly and at a fair price. Nothing flashy, just great coffee.

We carry a variety of 12oz bags as well as two different single origin coffees in our bulk section

Using regionally grown ingredients, yeast harvested from around town, and hand-processed fruit, Covert Artisan Ales specializes in beer that is complex, funky, and delicious. Styles such as saisons and wheat ales are blended to bring you a unique beverage experience. Often, the beer is aged in spirit barrels to add another layer of depth. We also brew non-sour beers, so check the beer list for a rotating variety of IPAs, Stouts, and European style ales.

We carry a variety of brews

Crow Peak Brewing Company is a member-managed LLC with six members. Currently our staff consists of a head brewer, director of operations, two assistant brewers, a tap room manager and four courteous and friendly bartenders.

We carry a variety of brews

Hot sauce made in small batches.

We carry all 3 flavors of hot sauce

Dahlberg Honey-Beresford, SD

Totally raw, totally unheated, totally unfiltered, totally natural.

We carry various size jars and bottles of honey, bulk honey (by the ounce), bee pollen, creamed honey, & honeycomb squares

I stumbled into mushrooms and microgreens on my quest for better health. Since 2015, I have been supplying restaurants, farmer’s markets and retail stores in Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding areas. Our mushrooms and microgreens are grown with safe, all natural ingredients. Everything is grown indoors for consistent results, and I strive to harvest the same day the product is sold.

We carry chestnut, maitake, shiitake, king trumpet, oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms

Dimock Cheese, located in the breadbasket of the heartland, is the oldest cheese plant in South Dakota. Since opening the doors in 1931, Dimock Cheese has continued to make handcrafted artisan cheese the old fashioned way. We use only the best ingredients available and take no shortcuts. We take great pride and care in producing premium quality cheese for our customers.

We carry butter and a variety of block cheeses

I’m Daelyn Dirksen and I have an organic farm based in Conde, SD.  My son, Christopher, and I raise organic wheat, oats, corn for silage, alfalfa, and Red Angus beef.

We carry ground and various cuts of beef

Farrmeert Farms-Humbolt, SD

All natural grass-fed lamb.

We carry lamb chislic

For as long as we’ve made beer, we’ve cared about the stories that surround it. There’s that one about your trip to Germany, the one about how IPA’s came to be, or the one your dad always tells that probably isn’t true. Despite the wide open spaces on the Great Plains, we create beer that brings folks closer. Humbly made with people in mind. Proudly brewed in South Dakota.

We carry various brews

Back in 1975, long before it was hip to be natural, we believed there was a more thoughtful way to clean, brighten and extend the life of any fabric with simple, safe and biodegradable ingredients. The effects were apparent from the very first wash. The positive impact on our consumers’ lives and environment has been everlasting. Wash it right! is our rally cry, with laundry care solutions that do what they should do: simply and effectively clean fine garments, everyday fabrics, fitness apparel and specialty medical garments.

We carry various fabric care products

Fruit of the Coop, LLC is a 7-acre farm near the Big Sioux River just outside of Brandon, South Dakota.  In addition to selling eggs from our own flock of heritage chickens, we source eggs from other small flocks within the Sioux Empire.  All the chickens are pasture-raised on natural grains and forage, which gives the yolks of their eggs a deep golden color and strong shells.  More than ninety dozen brown and blue eggs are sold each week at Morrie’s Steakhouse, The Market, Turks & Caicos Cabana Grille, Parker’s Bistro, the Co-op Natural Foods Kitchen, and Cherry Rock Farm.  We want to sell to chefs and restaurants who truly want a relationship with their farmer. We believe in bringing local food to Sioux Falls area establishments and helping to revitalize small and mid-level agriculture in rural economies and communities.

Our kitchen uses only Fruit of the Coop eggs

We specialize in hydroponic produce that is pesticide free and distributed fresh.

We carry red & yellow slicing tomatoes, grape tomatoes, mini cucumbers, bibb & spring lettuce

We started Heart of the City to fill the need we saw for fresh baked, locally made, gluten free and peanut free sweets, treats and family favorites.  Since April of 2015, we have been making sweet rolls, cookies, cakes, pies, muffins and other delicious treats because we believe that everyone should have a safe and delicious treat for a special day or any day.

We carry a variety of treats in our freezer section

We carry a variety of seasonal apples

Inca Salsa-Sioux Falls, SD

Seventeen years ago, Julio Espino opened Inca Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Immediately the restaurant was a local favorite. Combining authentic family tradition, the freshest ingredients and amazing quality, his loyal customers demanded more. Julio was repeatedly asked how customers could get their hands on the best salsa they have ever had. Julio answered their request, now selling the fresh made salsa in over forty-five locations in 8 states. The salsa is available in Mild, Medium and Hot along with their legendary Homemade Queso. Their products contain only the freshest ingredients, no gluten, and no added sugar… just like the finest authentic salsa should. Try it and see why it simply is better then the rest.

We carry salsa & queso

100% grass-fed beef. Promoting health from the soil up!

We carry ground beef

Our farm is located in 9 miles south and 1 mile east of Frankfort, South Dakota.  We live and work sustainably on this beautiful land. We live ‘Farm to Table’.  That means our products are raised and produced here on our farm from what we produce.  We only use Grade A milk that is raised here, on our farm, for our cheeses.  That means we know, and you know, exactly what goes into each handmade batch of cheese.

We carry a variety of block cheeses

An Institution in Sioux Falls since 1883, Look’s Market has a long history as a family owned and run business. However, as the ownership has changed hands throughout the years, a consistent and ever- present theme has permeated the business since its inception. That is the passion for quality of product and excellence of guest care.

We carry a variety of breads and pastries delivered fresh daily. Our kitchen uses Look’s bread for our sandwiches. We also have Look’s beer on tap in our kitchen.

Our goal at Mary’s Kitchen and Gardens is to provide homegrown produce following organic principles and practices to ensure healthy options for you and your family to enjoy. Our commitment is to provide quality, locally-grown produce on a consistent basis.

We carry seasonal zucchini, summer squash, winter squash, red & golden beets, potatoes, leeks, red & green cabbage 

Free range duck eggs.

The Native American Tea Company is proud of its heritage, and mindful of its responsibility and commitment to the preservation of Native American culture. Each box of our highest quality tea not only features beautiful representative artwork, but also its story and tradition.

Panacea is the only meadery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota exclusively introducing the purest, locally sourced honey with one of the oldest fermenting methods in the world. Our small lineup of honey wines are fermented to be unique, delicious, and enjoyed by all.

We carry rotating styles of mead

We got our start in 2013 by connecting with people at the local Farmer’s Market and offering our fresh roasted coffees from the back of our truck. Some weeks we were even roasting on-site! After the market season people started contacting us and to find out where our coffee could be purchased. The rest is history. Today we offer our coffees online and through many local and regional stores, shops, and restaurants. We believe you will taste the difference in our beans.  Always balanced to bring out the unique rich flavor every coffee has to offer.

We carry a variety of 12oz bags

We jokingly like to say that Sioux Falls itself decided it needed a better beer scene back in 2013. It was during that spring that a freak ice storm got to thinking that Matt Hastad’s house had a little too much electricity and heat for modern comfort’s sake. Being one adverse to freezing and moping in the dark, he asked his friend Jason Davenport if he could muster a spare couch. Jason charged the hefty fee of a couple gourmet meals and a little knowledge of that funny home brewing hobby Matt had picked up in college. The two stewed, brewed (often times literally), and came to the conclusion that Sioux Falls needed a marquee brewery like so many of her rival cities had already embraced. A few good batches (and a few not-so-good ones too), taught them that in order to make their odd little hobby into a sustainable business, they’d need to get more precise.

Enter Tyler Jepperson, Matt’s former college buddy and medical lab biochemist. When the wheels get to turning in Matt’s head, they travel towards Tyler’s brain, for a final destination with Jason’s hands. As such, we like to think our beer is equal parts inspiration, science, and mechanical knowhow. After building an incredible team of business advisers and friends, they settled upon their exciting location at 8th and Railroad in the city they called home and never looked back.

We carry a variety of brews

Sanaa Abourezk is a Gourmet Chef, Restauranteur, Author, Nutritionist, Blogger Passionate about the art of cooking and teaching cool recipes and fighting child hunger in America and the world.

Sanaa owns and operates a popular Middle Eastern Restaurant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Damascus University and a Masters degree in Nutrition from California State Polytech University, Pomona

She attended cooking school in Florence, Italy, as well as the Cordon Bleu Baking School in Paris, France.

She has worked as a nutrition adviser for the South Dakota Department of Health, where she advised clients on nutrition, cooking, and healthy eating.

We carry a variety of products

Songbird Kombucha-Sioux Falls, SD

Artfully made in Sioux Falls, we use only organic ingredients and craft flavors to reflect the season.

We carry Songbird on-tap in our kitchen

Operating as a small-batch roaster, we are committed to buying, roasting, retailing, and wholesaling specialty coffees from around the world.  We embody a relentless focus on quality, which is the result of hard work, experience, and persistence. Whether it’s developing roast profiles, or logging hours behind the espresso machine, we’re devoted to refining every area of our craft to assure our coffee is never forgotten.

Our espresso drinks are made with The Source espresso, we also carry a variety of 12oz bags

After researching the Aronia plant, we agreed growing America’s healthiest berry in a sustainable way was a good start to getting people to eat healthier. At the same time we could show that sustainable, locally grown and sold crops could positively contribute to the local economy.

The first Aronia berry seedlings were planted in 2008 and today Stewart’s Aronia Acres has 11 acres of Aronia berries and 1 acre of black currants. We follow the rules of organically grown plants. We grow the plants without herbicides and pesticides.

We carry frozen aronia berries and black currants 

Stensland Family Farms is a family-owned farm located just outside of Larchwood, IA. We operate a 200 cow dairy and have recently built an on farm creamery. The milk produced on our dairy is used for our freshly bottled milk, ice cream, aged cheese and cheese curds.

We carry a variety of block cheese, cheese curds, milk, cream, ice cream & ice cream cookie sandwiches

At Whole Grain Milling we grow and process certified organic grains and provide you with fresh, quality whole grain products direct from the farm.

We carry yellow tortilla chips

Wild Idea Buffalo Company’s Mission is to regenerate the prairie grasslands, while improving our environment and our food supply by bringing back the buffalo.

We carry ground buffalo