Hello Co-op Friends,

Our Round-up recipient for July is: Lunch is Served

Here is a bit about them:
Lunch Is Served, Inc. actively began serving brown bags lunches in September 2006, and the program continues to grow. In 2017, Lunch Is Served, Inc. provided more than 22,000 lunches to the working poor in our community! Twice a week (Monday evenings and Wed/Thurs. afternoons), volunteers meet at Emmanuel Baptist Church to make sandwiches and pack brown bag lunches. Each sack lunch includes:

Meat and Cheese Sandwich
Breakfast Bar
Fruit Cup
Something Salty (Chips, Crackers, etc.)
Utensils, Condiments, and a Napkin
A short note of encouragement
After volunteers pack all of the brown bag lunches, they are delivered to local non-profit partners and day labor offices for distribution to the working poor in our community. The meals are placed in refrigeration at each location and distributed to the recipients, free of charge, when they receive a job assignment.

We believe that the lunches distributed through our program provide recipients with both physical and emotional nourishment. The nutritious meals not only meet recipients’ physical hunger, but also feed their self esteem and encourage them as they make an effort to move themselves from poverty to financial stability.

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