Hello Co-op Friends,

Our Round-up recipient for September is: Hungry Hearts

In a staggering number of homes right here in Sioux Falls, many children have just one meal they can count on most days: their school lunch. But what happens when a family doesn’t qualify for the federally funded Free/Reduced Lunch Program?  Or when the parent/guardian has not filled out the necessary paperwork?

  • A letter goes home in either the child’s backpack (elementary) or by mail (secondary).
  • Middle and High School students are verbally reminded each day that the account has a negative balance.
  • The child can “charge” up to 5 meals on their account, resulting in a negative balance that must be paid.
  • After 5 charged meals, the student receives a “Smart Snack,” a lighter, pre-packed food combo.
  • If, after 15 snacks, the parent is unable to pay the ever-increasing balance from these “charged” snacks (a common problem), the child can no longer be served.

These scenarios happen all too often here in our community, causing heartache for both the  hungry child as well as the school personnel who know the importance of a nourishing meal.

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